Places To Visit

Places to visit in Kannur

Thalassery Fort

This fort is constructed by the British East India Company in the year 1708 and is of much important to tourists who are interested in historical events.

Dharmadam Isle

This small island which is situated in the sea like a green spot is just 100mtr from shore becomes a blissful experience to tourists. This isle is full of coconut trees.

Muzhappilangad Beach

The special feature of this beach is that the vehicle can be driven without getting stuck in the sea sand, which is considered to be the only drive in beach in the State.

St.Angelo Fort

Also known as Kannur fort. Standing close to Arabian sea, this fort proclaims the strength and beauty of Portuguese architecture.

Payyambalam Beach

One of the most beautiful and long beach in Kerala. This beach has a laterite rock jutting into the sea. A park for the children is being arranged here.

Parassinikadavu Temple

This temple is one of the most important temple in the district. The temple is very popular pilgrim site and is visited by many devotees on a daily basis. People irrespective of their caste, creed and religion can enter this temple. The temple conducts a ritual on a daily basis that is known as 'Theyyam'

Parassinikadavu Snake Park

This is one of the known snake park in the country. There is a large collection of poisonous and non poisonous snakes.

Vismaya Water Theme Park

This park is a blend of amusement, water theme and infotainment park. It has got water rides, informative and entertaining activities for kids and adventurous rides for children.